Race Recaps

 I started running in 2010. It just started as a I wonder how far I can run with out stopping kind of thing. I ran 2.3 miles that day and signed up for my first 5k. Since then I challenged myself to run a 10k, followed my a half marathon, which only led to running my first full marathon on my 26th birthday. You can read all about my races here!


2010 Races 

Meter’s for Mozart 5k {my very first race}- 25:15

Ault Park Trail Run 3.6 miles – 36:21

CMA Road Race 5k {Nashville} -26:30

Safe Haven Farms 5k – 24:54

Chicago Urbanathlon {relay}


2011 Races

Ault Park Trail Run 3.6 – 35:24

Redlegs Run 10k-52:00

Chicago Urbanathlon {relay}

Cincinnati Half Marathon– 1:51:07

Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day 10k– 48:01 


2012 Races

Food on the Run 10k-48:56

Heart Half Marathon– 1:51:23

Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon– 4:18:12 

To Hell or High Water 5k {Nashville}- 23:32 

Hyde Park Blast 4 miles-33:29

Cincinnati Half Marathon– 1:46:57

Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race-48:33


2013 Races:

Commitment Day 5k– 23:01-

Food on the Run 10k-45:32 PR

Heart Mini Half-1:40:56 PR

Flying Pig Marathon-4:35:04

Run for the Poor 5k-22:32 PR

Rocket Man 10k– 49:51

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon– 3:54:20 PR

2014 Races:

Flying Pig Half Marathon (25 weeks pregnant): 2:13

Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day Race- 1:00:12 {first race post baby}

2015 Races:

Wildcat Dash 3 miler- 23:55 {first female finisher}

Nuun virtual Run Ride Hydrate 10k- 56:28

Queen Bee Half Marathon: 1:52:17

Loveland Half Marathon: 1:53:17






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