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Allie Runs

Hello! My name is Allie. I was previously posting over at My Life as a Wife. I made the switch to Allie Runs in April 2016.

I started this blog as a way to document my wedding planning. My husband, Andy, and I got married on September 6, 2008. I enjoyed blogging so much that I continued to post.

In August 2014 I had my son, Breck. He is so full of energy and keeps me on my toes! I love being his mom and seeing him grow up. He sure does make life quite the adventure. Allie Runs

I work as a sign language interpreter, which I don’t post much about. I am also a personal trainer, which I tend to post about. With a blog name of Allie Runs its pretty obvious that I love running. I enjoy working out and staying active.

Allie Runs


Some of my favorite posts:

Breck’s birth story

Running a half marathon pregnant

Finally running a sub 4 hour marathon

Some of my more popular posts:

My hardest race I ever ran

Deciding to get certified in personal training

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