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When one looks up the definition of mom you will find this:

Things I've learned since becoming a mom

Pretty basic right? Mom should show up as a synonym for many other words. I feel like the definition could change daily. We are constantly changing and with that learning new things about ourselves. I have learned a great deal about myself in the past 19 months that I have been given the title of Mom.

Since becoming a mom I have learned patience.  We are getting to the prime age of toddler meltdowns, I mean full on throwing a fit because the plate isn’t facing the way he wants. He still can’t express why he is upset so crying and yelling are his way of getting it out. It can be super frustrating on days I may not have slept well, or I have to be out the door at a certain time to get to work. I really focus on not letting it get to me and tell myself it is just a phase, a moment in time that will soon pass.

Since becoming a mom I have learned flexibility. I am fortunate to work part time. I give my Saturday mornings to go work for a few hours so I can have an extra weekday off with Breck. I sometimes also work in the evenings so I can get my hours in for the week. I also try to be flexible for Breck’s naps but since he is down to one long nap in the afternoon it sometimes makes it difficult.

Since becoming a mom I have learned to not sweat the small stuff. Sure, when Breck pulls out all the plastic containers after I just put them away is super frustrating but I have found it’s not worth getting mad over. I let him play in the kitchen with me when I am making our lunch and let him explore. After lunch and Breck goes down for a nap I then go around the house to pick up. It starts up back over again once he is up!

Since becoming a mom I have learned I am really bad at writing stuff down. Baby book-never bought one. Monthly blog updates-never got around to it. Thank goodness for Instagram. I documented Breck’s developments monthly but still wasn’t as in depth as I thought I would do.

Since becoming a mom I have learned that my husband is a fantastic partner. I never had any doubts about Andy as a dad but Breck was the first baby he ever held!  He took on the title of Dad like a pro. If I have a challenging day with Breck he will take him and play to give me some time for myself. I love hearing the giggle from Breck with the two of them are wrestling.

Since becoming a mom I have learned those hard days pass. I remember when Breck was really young and would be fussy every night before bed. I remember being in that moment and thinking will he do this forever? Most of the time the answer is no. Now I say lets go to bed and he walks right to his room. If you are having one of those kind of moments just know they do fade, and soon they will be a memory. You can make it through!

Since becoming a mom I have learned I am so much more than a mom. I am a nurse, a housekeeper, a cook, a teacher, a toddler wrestling coach, a jungle gym, a tickle monster, an event coordinator, and so much more. Being a mom just enhanced who I am as a person. I still have a good balance as Allie the person and Allie the Mom. I know as Breck gets older my list of mom duties will just get longer, and I can’t wait for it.

What things have you learned if you are a new mom?

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