Dos & Don’ts of Stroller Running

Stroller Running Do's & Don'ts

One thing I couldn’t wait to do with Breck was run. Once he was old enough to go in the stroller I had a little bit more freedom of when I could run. Since I work part time I have a little bit more flexibility to run during the weekdays. We both enjoy getting out of the house and the extra workout is a bonus for me!

Stroller Running Do's & Don'ts


DO plan ahead. Check the weather forecast to check for rain, sun, wind, and temperature. I always pack a jacket or light blanket.

DON’T run during a meal time. I made that mistake once, now I make sure to pack snacks if I am running close to a meal time. Goldfish and Cheerios are great to toss in a cup holder!

DO run with a friend or another mom. I run a lot with my brother and thankfully he will help push. This comes in handy when we run on super windy days, which of lately have been a common occurrence! I also have joined my local Moms RUN this Town and have met up with a few other moms and their kids. We ran at a park and let the kids play at the playground when we finished our run.

DON’T forget sunscreen for you and the little one!

DO run errands, literally! If you live in a community that is similar to mine try to run on the nice days! The other day I ran to vote, stopped at the park, and ran home.  It is a great way to get the little one out of the house and I get exercise , too!

DON’T expect to run at your normal pace. Pushing a 27 pound kid (in my case anyway) in a 30 stroller will cause you to run a bit slower, understandably. It does it easier with time. One positive about running with the extra resistance is you feel much faster when you run without the stroller!  Try not to let it discourage you!

DO find a nicely paved course to run on. One of the more frustrating things I have to deal with is bumpy sidewalks. Most of the time I run with the stroller I drive to a park or trail that I know is paved. It does make it safer because I don’t have to deal with cars pulling in and out of driveways. I think Breck appreciates the smoother surface as well!

DON’T start running with your child too soon. Like I said, I could not wait to run with Breck but I knew he needed to be a bit older, about 6 months. We did our first run about one year ago when he was 7 months old. He could sit up well and he neck control. Always follow the guidelines for your specific stroller.

DO pay attention to your posture. As tempting as it maybe try not to lean down on the handle. For one it will hurt your back, and it could also tip the stroller backwards. Try running with one hand holding on at a time. See what feels comfortable to you. I tend to switch hands just to make sure my shoulders get some movement.

DON’T forget to have fun! Enjoy the fresh air and if you are lucky your child may just fall asleep!

Stroller Running Do's and Don'ts

I have a plan to run a race with Breck in June while pushing the stroller. What tips do you have for running with a stroller? I would love to hear what you have to say!

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