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I recently moved from My Life as a Wife over to this new blog! I now have a new website and blog title. It was time for a much needed change and update.

Why the change?

Well, I wanted to drop the .intercen off my domain. My Life as a Wife .com was already in use so I had to think of a new name. I was actually ok with coming up with a new name. I got into blogging while I was wedding planning back in 2008. I mostly posted about the planning and well, my life as a wife. I wasn’t until 2010 that I got into running. After I caught the running bug my blog posts shifted and focused more on training and workouts. After falling off the blog world when I was pregnant I posted more on Instagram. I was much easier to upload a picture than sit down and type out a post. I realized how much I missed posting once I saw a few other blogs I used to read come back.  I decided to go with Allie Runs since that follows my Instagram name.

allierunsinstaOne of my favorite things about blogging is having the chance to look back. I am excited to get back to posting and sharing this online journal. This will my place to posts about running, being a mom, and just life in general!

Thanks to my web designer husband I have this awesome new site. Things may look different or out of sorts while we get the new site updated. I am looking forward to posting again!


Allie Runs

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