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Oh, hello. It sure has been quite around here, I mean my last post was in November! A few of my favorite blogs have starting making a comeback (is that a thing in the blog world??) which has inspired me to get my fingers typing. I have no real reason as to why I stopped. Actually, I do. There is this little guy that keeps me pretty busy. Breck is as busy as ever and SO full of energy! More on him later. For now I will try to update what has been going on the past few months!

My last post was about the Queen Bee Half Marathon, which was a great race! The following weekend I ran another half and finished in another great time of 1:53. I ran with a friend, who is also a mom, that I used to train/run with all the time. I loved getting to spend almost 2 hours with here talking about life. That made it a great race and I didn’t even care about my finish time. I continued to run in the fall with the group from my local Fleet Feet. I ran the Thanksgiving Day 10k with my brother and beat last years time. We finished in 52:20 which was an 8 minute PR for him! We currently are training together to run the Flying Pig half marathon together. This time I am looking forward to racing without being pregnant. I should get a course PR which is motivating! I post most of my runs on Instagram in case anyone wants to follow along ( #siblingsrunthepig).


Breck is almost 19 months, which is so hard to believe! As I said before, he is so full of energy and loves to be on the go at all times. The only time he sits still is bedtime and nap time! I’m honestly not surprised. I am someone who constantly has to be busy or I go nuts. We spend a lot of our time outside, at the park, playing hide and go seek, watching some Wallykazam, and wrestling. He says lots of worlds and is really starting to copy things we say. He is 32 inches tall and weighs 27 lbs. He’s built like a linebacker! He already throws fits if things don’t go his way and is pretty dramatic about it. He loves to pester the cat, Carson, but will snuggle up with him at times too. I take Breck running on my short weekday runs when it isn’t raining. He is all signed up for the Piglet race and I can’t wait to see him “run”!


I am pretty sure this is the happiest I have ever been in my career. I have a lot of flexibility now which gives me the opportunity to stay home with Breck majority of the time. He does go to a sitter’s house twice a week to get some interaction with other kids. I make sure to fill my schedule those two days and I also work a Saturday morning shift. I love freelancing and setting my own schedule. I sometimes take just one morning job, have a family member watch Breck for a couple hours, and come home to spend the rest of the day with him. I remember being in college and thinking I can’t wait to be an interpreter that gets to pick and choose when I work. It took about 8 years to get to where I want to be and I am so thankful. I had moments where I was ready to give up this career and I am SO glad I never did. I wouldn’t have met all the wonderful people in my life without interpreting. I still have a goal of getting in at a gym and using my personal training skills. I have a few things lined up that I hope pan out but for now I train out of my home. I currently run a bridal bootcamp with my best friend, mom, and another friend who is getting married later this year. We have fun and people are seeing the results of their hard work!

I believe that is everything I need to catch up on! I am looking forward to building my blog back up.  The other day I read through some old posts. I love having this online journal to look back on. The first year as a family of three has already flown by and we are creeping up on two years. I know I will want to look back on my life five years from now. No better time than now to get back to what I used to love! I have so many things to share like my new hobby, favorite running gear, things I’ve learn since becoming a mom, workout ideas, and ton of other ideas. I think taking a break was good for me and this blog!




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