Queen Bee half marathon

Back in the winter, when Breck was still so new and nursing quite a bit, I couldn’t find the right time to run. I knew training for the Flying Pig half marathon wasn’t going to happen. I was bummed. So, back in January I signed up for a half that only cost me $25.  It was set for October, so I knew I could train in the summer. I signed up for a training group and found out some of the other runners were going to run the Queen Bee half. That race is put on by the same people that put on the Pig so I knew it would be a great race. It was a week before the other half I previously signed up for, so I thought I would try something new-2 half marathons a week apart!

I woke up the morning of the Queen Bee feeling good. I trained smart, and felt ready to race! A few weeks back we did a dress rehearsal of the course so I knew I had some challenging hills coming my way! I woke up, ate my breakfast, and heading downtown to the start. I had heard the parking was a nightmare the year before, so I talked my mom into waking up early to drop me off. I got there about a half hour before the race, and the traffic to just get off the highway was pretty backed up. I’m so glad I was able to have a ride instead of finding a place to park! We said our goodbyes and off I went.

This was only the second year for the race, so there was only about 3,000 runners. I put my finish time down as 1:55 which landed me in corral B. I found the 1:50 pace group and started the race off with them. The gun went off and we started out on the dread Eden Park hill!

One thing this race had was plenty of food and water along the course. At mile 2 (the top of the hill) there was donut holes. They sounded so good, but I still had another 11 miles to go. We made our way to Walnut Hills, then through O’Bryonville which was a very nice, and much needed down hill. My average pace was 8:28 and I was feeling good.

We got to Hyde Park and then turned down a nice, long hill. That is when I saw Andy, Breck and my mom (at mile 5). Breck looked sleepy still, but seeing them out on the course made me happy. Andy told me they were going to try to make it to mile 9 so I had a little bit more motivation to keep my pace going. The down hill was good to me, my pace picked up to an 8:10 average.

The course was a lot like the Pig full course. We ran through a lot of the same neighborhoods. I really liked that because I got to think about how different I felt running this half compared to the full. Eastern Avenue is where things tend to go down while running the full, but this time I was feeling great! I actually caught up with a friend that was running the race. I was SO thankful to see her on the course.

We got to the dreaded Riverside Drive stretch. I say dreaded because it is so flat, boring, and not too many people out cheering us on. Again, I was glad for company! At this point my feet were starting to hurt. Then I remembered how I felt on this road just a couple years ago and sucked it up! My pace was still around 8:29.

In the last mile my friend pulled ahead and I kept her in sight. I came up to the finish line area, saw my family and dug down a little deeper to finish strong. I cross the finish line with a time of 1:52!

It wasn’t my fastest, or even my slowest, but it is one of the races I am proud of running. I want Breck to grow up watching me running races to show him that if you set your mind to something you can get things done. I was so happy to share this moment with him, even though he won’t remember it. We can both look back at the picture one day and I can tell him exactly how happy I was feeling. And by the looks of the picture, he was pretty darn happy to have a new chew toy 🙂


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