First Family Vacation

Back at the beginning of the month we went on our first family vacation. We were invited by our friends that have a daughter who is 2 months younger then B. My brother and his fiancé (yay!) also came along. We all shared the penthouse which had 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It was perfect for 3 families! We went to Garden City, South Carolina. We found cheap flights (we flew into Myrtle Beach), so this was B’s first airplane ride! I was really nervous about how he would do, but thankfully he was awesome! The plane ride was only about 1 hour which was the perfect amount of time for him.


I was excited to see if he would like the beach. I was afraid he would eat the sand! To my surprise he didn’t eat any and he LOVED playing in the water and knocking sand castles over! He enjoyed playing in the pool and loved doing baby cannon balls with David. My kid loves to nap, and it wasn’t until our last day there that he finally napped outside in the pack in play.  The babies had fun together. I think B came home a bit more chatty! 20150804_14273320150802_151823 1438547713396


We were there for 6 days and only one day was overcast. We went to eat, did some shopping (I found a Lululemon outlet!!), and hung out by the pool. I even convinced by brother to bring his running shoes with him so I could continue my half training. I got my long run in of 5 miles and did a 3 miler another day! I LOVED running at zero elevation, my legs felt fantastic! It was a nice change up!


We had a great time! I will say, vacation with a baby is a whole new kind of experience! SO many things to pack (carseat, stroller, pack in play, toys, snacks, etc.) but it was worth it! B will never remember his first trip to the beach, but we will! I love creating these family memories! I am looking forward to more trips! IMG_20150802_164739

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