Breck: One month update



So, I’m a little late on posting this but here it is! The first month with Breck in our lives has been rewarding, challenging, fun, and exciting. Andy & I jumped into our new roles as Mom & Dad fairly easy. All three of us are new to this so we are all learning!


Height/Weight: 22 inches & 10 lbs 14.5 oz! B is filling out and getting all kinds of rolls!

Sleeping: At night he is waking up every 2 hours. In the mornings he takes a long nap which has been nice!

Eating/Feeding: He has been exclusively breastfed , which has been going really well! Around 3 weeks I started pumping once a day to start a freezer stash for when I go back to work. Andy gave him his first bottle and he took it with no problem. My hope for when I go back to work, part time, is that he will still nurse when he is with me and will take a bottle only when I’m away.


Sizes:  Newborn fits best but we didn’t buy much of that. Carter’s 3 month clothes also fit really well.

Milestones: He is becoming more aware of his surroundings. He is getting stronger everyday. He isn’t a fan of tummy time but can turn his head from side to side.


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