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Back in November I took, and passed, my ACE certified personal training exam. Since I became certified I have been training on the side. I want to get into a gym to train but I will wait til after the baby is here to really start applying.

I started with one client in March who had a goal of losing weight and getting toned. We started out taking measurements and getting a baseline of her abilities. We set it up that we will get together twice a week to workout at her apartment gym. The gym has all of the equipment we need and for the most part it is fairly quiet.

At the six week mark we took new measurements and saw about a 2 inch loss on her waist. I knew that there was some room for improvement so I suggested she started keeping a food journal to track her calories. We decided on a number of calories to eat in a day that would be what was best for her.

At the next six week mark (so 12 weeks after the initial measurements) we saw a huge loss in her waist, 8 inches! She said she had never felt better and was in a dress size she didn’t think she would ever see again! This is when we saw a drop on the scale as well. It felt great to be a part of such a huge accomplishment! Those text messages of “wow I feel great” & “I bought new pants today 2 sizes smaller!” will never get old!

After seeing the progress and success for this client I knew I decided to do the right thing (becoming a personal trainer). I still love my job as a sign language interpreter, so it is confusing for me as to which I was to pursue more. I have a strong draw to the fitness field and I am leaning towards that more.

As the time gets closer for the baby to get here I am struggling on what I want to do work wise. I know I want to work, but I have so many questions. Do I want to do part time training and part time interpreting? I could do a couple days a week of both. The beauty of interpreting is I have the option to do freelance work, which would leave me with time available to train.

I am possibly thinking of starting an online business for my personal training. With the technology day I could easily send workouts through email and then host Skype workouts for people to join. I just feel like I have a million ideas running through my mind that I need to work out!

Any trainers out there have any advice? Would people be interested in home workouts sent via email?

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