26 week update

I’m a little late on my weekly update but as they say better late than never!

26 weeks:



Weight gain: As of my 25 week appointment I’m up 11 pounds. Right on track!

Workouts: I took a break from running after doing the half last week. I went to the gym 4 times. I am loving cross training right now.

Symptoms: Occasional heartburn.

Movement: He loves to kick! Kicks are becoming stronger and more forceful.

Food Aversions/Cravings: Still loving fresh fruit, and ice cold water. I’m getting better about chicken but still wouldn’t order it if we went out to dinner.

Sleep: still sleeping great!

Stretch marks: None

Fun Things from the week: We bought paint for his room and a shelf at IKEA. I love seeing his room come together! We also finished up the registries.

Looking forward to: Painting the room!

Belly button: Sometimes it’s in, sometimes its out a little. I think it depends on where the baby is laying.

Wedding rings: still on

Happy or moody? : I’m happy for the most part! But if I’m hungry I get grouchy :)

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