Birthday + 25 weeks update

May 6 is a great day. It’s the day I decided to make my way into this world!  Every year my birthday just comes faster and faster! Some how I’m turning 28 today. I’m feeling really thankful this year. I’m growing a baby boy, have a fantastic husband, have a great family who came to support my brother & me at the Pig (which went great! Recap soon!), and am feeling pretty darn happy!

25 weeks!


Weight gain: I had an appointment yesterday I’m up 11 pounds. Right on track!

Workouts: I ran a total of 19 miles, 13.1 of which were the Flying Pig Half Marathon. I took it easy to save my legs for the race.

Symptoms: Occasional heartburn.

Movement: He loves to kick! I actually felt him kick during the race. I’m pretty sure he was running with me!

Food Aversions/Cravings: Still loving fresh fruit, plain bagels, and cheeseburgers. We’ve been grilling out every weekend and I love it! Grilled /baked chicken continues to gross me out.

Sleep: still sleeping great!

Stretch marks: None

Fun Things from the week: I made the news for running the half while pregnant! It’s a fun memento to have. We saved the file to show the baby one day! We also registered at one place. We are slowly working on his room. The rug came in yesterday and we bought paint samples. I passed the glucose test which is good!


Looking forward to: Picking a paint color, & finishing the registry.

Belly button: It’s still in but looks different.

Wedding rings: still on

Happy or moody? : I’m happy for the most part! But if I’m hungry I get grouchy 🙂

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