Pig week + 24 week update

It’s my favorite week of the year,Flying Pig week! I love the excitement and engery the city gives off.  Even though I am only running the half this year I am still looking forward to the race! It will be my brother’s first half! I’ve really enjoyed training with him. It’s been fun to see him improve so much!

Since I will be running this race 6 months pregnant I do not have any goals except to finish. If I feel like I need to walk then I will walk.  I’m hoping I feel great on race day. I’m taking it a bit easy this week with weight lifting so my legs are fresh. Andy is working on designing a shirt for me to wear and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with!

24 weeks!


Weight gain: I’m up 7 pounds(from my 20 week appointment)

Workouts: Another great week! I ran 3 times for a total of 14 miles, and made it to the gym 2 times. It was the first week of the two week taper.

Symptoms: Occasional heartburn.

Movement: He loves to kick! It’s getting to the point where I know what makes him move. I will never get tired of feeling him! He is really active in the morning up until about 11. He starts moving around again in the evening.  Sunday he was extra energetic and kicked/punched all day long!

Food Aversions/Cravings: Still loving fresh fruit, plain bagels, and cheeseburgers. We’ve been grilling out every weekend and I love it! Grilled /baked chicken continues to gross me out.

Sleep: I’m getting sick of just sleeping on my right or left side. Every time I turn over I wake up. But other than that sleep is good!

Stretch marks: None

Fun Things from the week: I found a shirt to wear for the race. I really liked the For Two Fitness tanks but I couldn’t get passed the $50 price tag for a shirt I’ll sweat in (and will only wear for a short time!). I found this top at Marshalls for $13! It even has the scrunchie sides like a maternity top.Now I just need to iron on the graphic Andy comes up with!

Looking forward to: Starting the nursery! We have a plan, sort of. I’m just eager to start!

Belly button: It’s still in but looks different.

Wedding rings: still on

Mood: Happy most of the time but I’m now finding myself to get a bit grumpy if I don’t get to eat on time. My work schedule is different everyday and sometimes I get to eat lunch at 12, and sometimes I don’t have a chance to eat until 3. Pregnant and hunger is a dangerous combo!

Happy or moody? : I’m happy for the most part!

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