Just Think.

Please excuse me as I dust off my laptop and warm those typing fingers back up! It has been about three weeks from my last post! I took an unplanned break all thanks to some serious writers block. I would pull up my blog and would stare at the blinking cursor with zero thoughts going through my head. I took a step back and realized I need to stop stressing out about what to write. It was exactly what I needed to do.

I am currently in week 9 of training for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, which means I am half way done! I have spent many hours running alone so I have had many thoughts go through my brain. What I haven’t been doing is writing those thoughts down.

Since I have no one to talk to during my run I have had a lot of time just to think. Sometimes it’s about silly things like I wonder who will get voted out of Big Brother this week. Sometimes it’s about cars driving by: was that person clapping for me or to the song. Sometimes it’s more serious like I hope I am able to have children one day. Sometimes it’s about training: Am I training right? Sometimes it’s about life like I wonder what the future has in store for me. Sometimes it’s about the sunrise: how lucky am I to witness this beauty that everyone misses when they sleep. And, even sometimes it’s about math: ok, if I run .3 miles down this street and turn around I should end back at home exactly at 8 miles.

At first I dreaded the thought of running those long runs alone. Now my feelings have changed.  Every week I have been looking forward to spending my Saturday morning with me, myself, and I. I never thought I could motivate myself, but I am finding it to be quite simple. 
I am learning about myself and I am enjoying every moment of it.


To all my runners out there, what thoughts go through your mind?

3 thoughts on “Just Think.

  1. Yes to the baby thing. I often wonder that myself. People like to tell me I should “stop running so I can have a baby.” They say I’m too skinny and don’t have enough body fat. Do you ever get that? I can’t wait to hear all about your marathon! Are you going for your 4-hour goal?

    1. FWIW, running and getting/being pregnant aren’t incompatible. I got pregnant with my second last summer right after running a mountain marathon at 14,000 feet and taking 2nd place in a 5K. As long as your cycles are regular then you’re not too skinny (and by “regular” I don’t necessarily mean 28-days, either).

  2. I never thought that I’d actually come to enjoy long runs on my own, but it’s become my Saturday morning ritual and the weekend doesn’t feel complete without it. I find that my thoughts often follow the same pattern – they usually start off as more mundane (random thoughts about work tasks and family stuff) and then become more introspective and intense. By the end of the run I’ve usually devolved into silly mind games to keep myself going, like the old school game we used to play “A my name is Annie and my husband’s name is Al, we come from Alabama and we bring apples!”

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