Friday Letters

Happy Friday everyone! I am so happy to see this day. I’ve put in a lot of hours at work early in the week so I get to use some flex time this afternoon. I need it!

Before I start my Friday letters I wanted to announce the winner of the Helper Food Truck giveaway:

winnerCongrats Stephanie!

{On to the letters}


Dear Indianapolis Marathon: I am coming for you in just  92 days. I am looking forward to running a flat marathon and one that has (hopefully) cool weather. I finally made the commitment and registered for this race. I also am loving the shirt for this race:

603039_698462250179565_1503368032_n(This is the men’s shirt. The ladies has a silhouette of a female runner)

Dear Zulily: A few weeks ago I purchased a pair of black glitter Toms at the discounted price. When my package came my shoes had mud on them. I thought it was odd but I just cleaned it off and wore my new shoes. I contacted Zulily to ask why they might have had mud on them. They informed me that they were unsure but since my order didn’t come as expected they would go ahead and refund me 50% of my purchase. I was shocked and happy at the same time. Thank you for your awesome customer service!

Dear Sweaty Bands: Thanks for being located in Cincinnati so I could take full advantage of your warehouse sale. I have already worn a few of my new headbands. My favorite?? The alligator, or should I say Allie-gator 😉


Dear dance team: Thank your girls for working hard for us this summer. I love that no one complains about the hour workout we have before practice starts. Everyone is positive and motivated this year. As your coach it makes me excited for the season! We have some fun routines planned for this year!

Dear Mother Nature: This weather we’ve been having has been awesome. Could you do your best and try to keep it that way? I haven’t missed those high humidity days one bit. Fall is my favorite season so let’s just start that early!

Dear readers: Sorry I haven’t been posting as much but as soon as I get through my personal training courses I will be back! What kind of posts do you miss?

Dear ACE personal training:  I’ve been cruising right along through the Exercise Science book, but man it a TON of information. I am finally starting to see how everything comes together. I am planning on getting that book finished this weekend so I can go back to the Personal Trainer Manual. I love how helpful ACE has been throughout this whole process. Another place with awesome customer service!


What plans do you have this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Friday Letters

  1. You are busy, indeed! This is my last week of summer vacation so I am busy tying up some loose ends. This weekend I have a wedding which is expected to have a large dance floor and hours of dancing! Hope you have a good weekend!!!

  2. There’s a lot of goodness in this post. Those headbands are so cute. The alligator one is precious. I’m excited for your fall marathon. And I’m so glad to hear Zulily has such great customer service. I seriously look forward to their sale emails everyday. They have such great (and unnecessary) stuff. I’ve already bought three things!

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