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Life, lately, for me has me busy. After work, studying, coaching, and running I don’t feel like I have time for much of anything else. I am not complaining through, I am loving every moment of life right now! My life lately has included the following:

Sports. On Thursday nights Andy plays softball. I love going to his games for two reasons- watching him and catching up with all the girls. This was the sunset we were able to see last week.


Family meals. After my long run Saturday I saw a text from my brother that had a picture of his kitchen set up for breakfast. I took him up on his invitation and joined them for french toast.
Then on Sunday, I had my family over for dinner. We grilled out then played a game of bocce. I would like every Sunday to end that way. I’m fortune to live just a couple minutes away from my mom and my brother’s family!


Time with friends. A few weekends ago we four seperate parties for friends. I love any excuse to get together!

wpid-20130720_090919Lots of running.So I haven’t made it official or talked about it much on here but I have decided to start training for a fall marathon! I was hesitant on committing because of the summer heat but so far things have been going well! It’s different this time around because I am training all alone (normally I’m with a group). I will post more about the race later!

Every free moment I get I have been using it to study for my CPT exam. The material is getting way more in depth. I am learning things I never thought I’d need to know. I still need to schedule my exam. I’m getting nervous and excited at the same time!

So that’s been my life lately! What’s been going on with you? Who has trained for a marathon by themselves? How do you pass the time on those long runs?

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  1. I was hoping some people would comment on passing the time during long runs! I am definitely a solo runner to begin with, but I find that I can get a bit bored sometimes. I can’t run sans headphones, so I usually have music or a podcast going. I may attempt an audio book once my mileage goes up (just started my half marathon training plan, so I’m not doing anything long yet).

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