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On the Fourth of July I ran in a local 10k. It was put on by the same organization that hosts the Cincinnati Half Marathon that I ran in 2011 & 2012. One thing I like about this group is their ‘no fills’ race entry. This 10k only cost $18! The 5k was a great deal too at 13 bucks.


There was a good amount of runners and walkers that came out. The weather was hot and humid. I have came to the conclusion that that combo is my kryptonite. It sucks the life right out of me. Anyway, the 5k started at 7:30 and they decided to start the 10k about 10 minutes after that. While waiting at the starting line I thought I had my Garmin all synced up to the satellites. I chatted with a girl who was talking about training for a fall marathon and I was telling her about my plans. Next thing I knew they started the countdown to start our race. I looked at my Garmin and it looked ready to go. After I crossed those blue mats I hit the start button to only see the stopwatch going, not the miles or my pace :(. I must have turn the satellites off by accident. I had to go off this race by

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The course was nice and shady, which would have been nice if it was sunny out. We ran on a local bike trail that included a little off roading through gravel.  The 10k course was two laps of the 5k course. I’m not a fan of loop races because I don’t like seeing the finish line when I still have a little bit to go. It was motivating though to see the energy at the finish line. I hit the half way mark at 23:52. I did a quick wave hello to my mom and went back out for my second loop. By this point I was tired. I was loosing energy quick. I knew there was a water stop right after mile 4 so I picked it up a little to make it there. I took a sip of water and threw the rest down the back of my shirt. It felt good!

I saw a couple familiar faces at the race so when we would pass each other we would cheer each other on. I also cheered on my new friend I met at the starting line :). A little motivation never hurt anyone!

By mile 5 I was tired. I was ready to be done and I was regretting not signing up for the 5k. That’s when I snapped out of it and thought about the people who would love to run right now. I sucked it up and finished strong. I crossed the finish line at 49:51. Not my fastest but not my slowest. I was happy!


At the race the results said I was the third female in my age group so I picked up my medal. Turns out, when I got home at looked at the results I was actually the second female. Either way I was still excited! I was 30/133 overall and the 9th female overall.

I made sure to wear my red, white, and blue! This is a race that I will run again! It was fun to run on another holiday besides Thanksgiving.

Who else raced this weekend?

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