Strawberries & Jam

One of my favorite summer activities is picking strawberries. Andy & I went a few years ago, but the crop hasn’t been that great until this year. I signed up for email updates from my favorite farm and when I read that this year we’d have berries to pick I was thrilled!

This year my brother and his family were able to come pick strawberries too!

Logan, my nephew, really enjoyed finding the biggest strawberry.  I was impressed with how many berries we had to pick from.


The price for the pick your own berries was very reasonable too. It was only $1.99/pound. The last time we made jam we picked about 6lbs of berries. We ran out of jam in just a few short months so we knew we needed to pick more this time around.


Between all of us we picked 22 lbs of strawberries! After we left the farm we went back to my house to start the jam making process. I didn’t estimate the right amount  of sugar or pectin (which is what makes the jam well jam!). My  mom ended up being the last one in the driveway which meant she had to run out to the store multiple times to get those things! {thanks mom!}.



Lauren brought over her Kitchen-Aid which was good thinking! Last time I mashed the strawberries by hand and it took forever. The mixers made it ten times easier and faster! We had our own little assembly line set up. Lauren was the washer, Logan pulled the steams, Andy and I stirred the berries, and we all put the jam into the jars.

After a couple hours, and a pizza dinner break, we were finally done!  We ended up with about 50 jars! We split them between all of us, and we’ve also had a few friends request some of the jars! I am already on my second jar! I add a little bit of the jam to my waffles for breakfast. I’ve been eating a few more PB&J sandwiches now that I have the good  jelly!


My  fingers are crossed that we will have a good crop next year and we can do this all over again! Now I really want to make other kinds of jam like raspberry and blueberry. It’s so easy and fun!

Anyone else make their own jam? What kinds of jam do you like?

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  1. You guys are adorable! What a fun day! I have made strawberry, blueberry, and choke cherry preserves. All were amazing! My parents are growing berries this year and I keep hinting that I would love to get a jar of jam in the mail… 😉

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