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This past Saturday I ran in my sixth 5k race. I decided at the last minute to run this race. When I was working at the school, the teacher I worked with told me she was going to run this race as her first 5k. I had told her then that maybe I’d run too. I wanted to see how I felt after the Pig before I committed.

I had almost forgotten about the race until I saw she posted on Facebook that she registered. I looked at the weather forecast and it was perfect. I told her on Friday that I would see her at the race in the morning!

I got to the race early since I had to register. This was the first time I signed up for the race the day of.  It was fun to be around people who were running their first race. It’s hard to believe that was me just three short years ago!

I went into the race with a goal of setting a new PR. Andy had predicted my finish time of 22:30. I was shooting for anything under 23:00.

The gun went off and I broke my first rule. I got caught up in the excitement during the first mile. I ran a 7:06. I knew that was too fast so I backed off for the second mile. The course took us through a park that went into the woods and around a lake. I hit the second mile at a 7:17 pace. It was after that mile that I could feel the humidity. I couldn’t see the first place female anymore but I made sure to keep the second in my eye sight.  I really wanted that third place finish! I hit mile 3 at a 7:20 pace. As I rounded the corner a spectator had told me I was the third female. I quickly asked him if anyone was behind me to which he said ‘nope, it’s all yours’. I’m pretty sure I crossed that finish line with a huge smile on my face.

Top & skirt from Lululemon


New PR by :30!  The Pig didn’t go as planned so setting a new personal record gave me the boost I needed.

Check out my age group award. As a coffee addict, I truly am excited to drink my cup o’ joe from this mug!


I was impressed with this race even though it was small. First Watch supplied fruit cups and muffins post race. I was also happy to see full bottles of Gatorade and water to grab. They also had over 50 door prizes. This summer I plan on running a few more small races. I forgot they can be just as fun as the larger races. I already have my eyes on a Fourth of July race!

Anyone else run this weekend? Do you enjoy small, local races?

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  1. Congrats on your awesome race!!! Very cool!! I do love running small, local races…although those are usually the ones lately that I am also pushing both my girls so no pr for me!!

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