Long weekend

The official kickoff to summer has begun! Our weekend was a whirl wind of events, which is why I slept 10 hours last night.

The long weekend started off with a game of softball. We have been playing co-ed for two years now. I admit that softball isn’t my favorite sport but I play because it is something Andy and I can do together.

Normally my Saturday mornings start with a run with my friend Vicki, but she is still recovering from a plantar fascia tear that happened at the end of the Pig. Instead we met up for coffee and chatted! We went to a new-to-us coffee shop and I really liked it!


That evening we had Andy’s cousin’s wedding! Kari and Ian got married at a really trendy spot and was far from traditional, it was a blast! Kari met her husband while studying abroad in Australia 13 years ago! They are still living in Australia (that is where Ian is from), but have plans to move to the States soon!



Sunday morning, we slept in and it was heavenly. I decided to go for a run. Andy suggested we have lunch at Bruggers so he met me there right as I was finishing up my run. They are known for their bagels but I’m not sure how many people know about their fresh salads. I did the create your own with chicken, sprouts, tomatoes, cranberries, and almonds.


That night, we had a couple shower for our friends who are getting married this fall. After the party they invited some friends back to their new house for a grill out. It was fun to just hang out and catch up!

Monday we walked up the street to watch the small parade that goes through our town. I then met up with a couple friends for lunch.
That afternoon I got a call from Lauren asking if I wanted to join them for a bike , and of course I said yes!
I don’t know how I did it, but I somehow talked Andy and my mom into joining us! We loaded all the bikes up in my brother’s truck and headed out!


None of us really ride, so most of our bikes are from middle school, including mine! I could use an upgrade 🙂

The before!


We rode 9 miles to a park and rested for few. I was so proud of my mom. I don’t think she had been on a bike in over a decade! We hopped back on the bikes for our 9 mile ride back!

18 miles done!

After! Everyone had a great time! I hope this is something we all can do again soon! image

We got home around 6:30, ate dinner, then we crashed! Even though we rode our bikes at an easy pace I was worn out!

What did you do this weekend? To those who ride bikes-what’s a good brand/style for a beginner?

2 thoughts on “Long weekend

    I was so happy to see you and everyone else! Gosh, the rest of your weekend looks amazing – I wish we could have spent more time together! Hopefully I’ll be in Cincinnati for a week in August for another weeding (at the Union Terminal)! It was so good to dance together! Miss you already!

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