Tiny Apples:{OOTD}

 Wedding/baby shower season has officially underway! This year we already have 4 weddings to attend,and I know of two family members welcoming babies this summer. Needless to say I have many parties lined up and I can’t wait to celebrate all the new beginnings!

This Sunday, I went to a bridal shower. I went to my closet to find a dress to wear. In the back, I found this cute Target dress. I picked this up last year for less than $5!

The bottom has tiny apples on it, how could you not love this dress for that reason!


If I could, I would own every color of these J Crew cardigans. They are the perfect length and fit just right. On Thursday I made a visit to my cousin who is a hairstylist.  I am loving my new highlights!


Dress: Target

Cardigan: J Crew

Necklace: American Eagle



pleated poppy

8 thoughts on “Tiny Apples:{OOTD}

  1. Stopping by from The Pleated Poppy today!

    The yellow and orange look so great together; what a happy combination. And finding a dress like that hiding in the back of your closet is easily as exciting as finding a $20 in the pocket of your pants. Awesomesauce.

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