Marathon Training {week 15}


Week 15 is complete! I missed one day of cross training but overall it was  a successful week. I know I say it every week but I can’t believe 20 days from today I’ll be running the Flying Pig again! All the excitement for the Boston Marathon today has me ready to race! I have a goal to make it to the Boston Marathon sometime in my life! 


Monday- I can’t remember the last time it wasn’t windy on a Monday run. It doesn’t matter which neighborhood route I take I always get head wind. My legs were still feeling the 20 miler from Saturday but I was still able to hold my race pace for 8 miles. 


Tuesday: My trainer posted on Facebook that circuit training was going to be outside. I LOVE when we take the class outdoors. I got a tweet from my cousin saying she was going to come to class as well. Outside and working out with family makes for a fun class! (We missed you Stace!) One of the circuits that left me super sore was the 10 to 1’s. We did 10 arm band curls, 10 shoulder presses, 1 prisoner squat, then 10 kettle bell swings (20lbs). Then you do 9 of the arms, 2 squats, but kept the 10 swings. You repeat that until you get down to 1 on the arms and 10 on the legs. 

Wednesday:  On the training plan we had intervals, specifically Yasso 800’s. I was looking forward to being on the track, but I knew it would be tough because the temp was 81 degrees. We did a 2.5 mile workout then we hit the track. We did 5 Yasso’s total. After each 800 we would take one slow lap. We did stop for water twice. We ended with a mile cool down. I was happy with my splits. The last 800 was the hardest for sure!


Thursday: My inner thighs were still killing me from those darn kettle bell swings, and I’m sure running didn’t help, so I listened to my body and took a rest day. I was exhausted and even took an hour nap after work! 

Friday: This is my normal rest day.

Saturday: The rain came through and left us with cooler weather. I was happy to see a flat route for our 15 miles. My left calf was feeling pretty tight for most of the run. I normally foam roll before I leave the house, but I didn’t that morning so I wonder if that had anything to do with it. Otherwise it was a good run.   


Sunday: I didn’t get to make it to yoga this week. I got the urge to deep clean the house so I did that instead 🙂 I did squeeze in some push ups, sit ups, and a plank in! We had family over for a grill out and my nephew set up a kickball game so I’ll count that at exercise too! 

How did your workouts go?  Anyone else following the Boston Marathon today? I downloaded the app to make sure I can follow my favorite elite runners like Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan. I also am following my running coach from last year. It’s been fun following her journey! 

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