Going After It

 Remember that post I wrote back at the end of January about the next chapter in my life and finding my passion? So many of you left me positive words and one stood out to me the most-“Maybe this is your window being opened to do something completely huge and really exciting!” (thanks Meghan!).  She was right, this was my time to start something new.

I thought about what I want to do and it was pretty easy to come to the decision. 


I have decided to follow my heart and go after my personal training certificate. 

I am beyond excited to get the ball rolling! Don’t get me wrong, I am very nervous too. I think it is only natural to be afraid of change.  I am looking forward to passing this test and getting the opportunity to work with people who want to become healthier. I want to be that motivator that helps someone lose those last few pounds they couldn’t do alone. I want to help that person who wants to become stronger. I want to be the person who helps someone achieve their goal of finishing their first 5k. I want to be a person that makes a difference in someone else’s life. 

My plan is to study for the next few months to make sure I have everything down. I have until September to test so there is no rush. The study materials are being sent to me now, but ACE sends you the first chapter online to get started. I am about halfway through the chapter one and have learned some new things already! 

Looking back, I should have went into this field a long time ago. My sophomore year in high school we had career day. We had to put down three careers we were thinking about doing when we graduated. I thought I put down physical therapy but when I got my assignment to go to Bally Total Fitness I realized I must have put down personal trainer, oops! I was bummed at first but after I shadowed a trainer all day I actually enjoyed it! That just proves my belief that things happen for a reason!

So that is where I am at right now. This is such a huge step for me and I am ready to get after it! Let the studying being! 






8 thoughts on “Going After It

  1. Yay! I’m so happy that you’re taking this step. I can’t wait to see how things go and follow your journey. And get advice from you in the future 😉

    1. grrr, it hit enter before I actually typed.

      Congrats and way to go on following your passion. I am still a bit flip floppy on what I want to do with my career and how much I enjoy all of the blogging/healthy living, I almost want to look into becoming a life coach or RD. I don’t necessarily want to go full personal trainer (ACE/NASM), but group class intructor could be a fun alternative!

  2. I had just started reading your blog when you posted “that post”, but now that I’ve read for a few months I can say I think this is a great choice! You obviously have a passion for healthy living, and I think this could be a really exciting career. Good luck!

  3. This is so exciting, I would love to become a personal trainer! I am scared that I am not the perfect body, or the perfect shape that would keep me from doing it..oh and the price!! What made you choose this company over others? I would love to hear!
    Best of luck and can’t wait to see what you do with this!

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