Marathon Training {week 12}


It is hard to believe I just finished up week 12 of training. Just 42 more days to go!

Last week I didn’t post my workouts but I ending up doing 8 miles on Monday, 7 miles on Wednesday, and ran a half marathon on Sunday.  I cross trained on Tuesday and Thursday and went to a hot yoga class on Friday.

This week I backed it off a little bit. I wanted to make sure I was ready for Saturday’s long run!

Monday- Since I ran the half a day before I did as many miles as my body could handle. The course was full of rolling hills so I was feeling pretty sore. I debated on running that day but Ashley, from The Preppy Runner, encouraged me on Twitter to get my legs moving. I was so glad I did!

Tuesday- I went to the gym to attend the circuit training class. With March Madness starting up I knew our trainer would play off of that. We did a workout that was done bracket style. We went head to head on exercises for 30 seconds and after completing 32 exercises (one side of the bracket) we had to vote on which exercises moved to the next round.  We continued to go head to head and vote until we got to the final round, 1 minute wall sits and 1 minute ball slams. It was a fun way to workout!

Wednesday- Speed work night. We did a 2.7 mile warm up run to a local high school. Once we were there we hit the track for 10 laps. We alternated laps at race pace and one minute faster than race pace. After the laps we did a 1.5 mile cool down. It was cold and super windy. I love when we get to run on the track! I got 7 miles in.

Thursday- I had sports awards for my dance team so I didn’t have time to get a workout in. My body was pretty worn out so a rest day was nice.

Friday- Since we had 18 on the schedule for the next day I decided another rest day is what I needed.

Saturday- Also known as the day I look most forward to. I remember last year looking forward to the days where I got to say this is the longest I have ever ran. While I don’t get to say that anymore I get excited for the people in my run group who get to experience that feeling. The weather was a perfect 35* with no wind and lots of sunshine. Our coach did a great job at starting us of slow. We ran a good amount of the Pig course. We tackled the dreaded Eden Park climb and it wasn’t that terrible.


A couple of us from the group decided to go out to breakfast to treat ourselves. One of the guys we run with always raves about this one local diner he goes to every week. We decided to meet him there to try it out. I don’t know if it was just because I ran 18 miles but I have to say everything I ate was so good! It might just be my new place to go after our long runs, too!


Sunday- I am starting up hot yoga again. I am going to a class this afternoon. 60 minutes in the hot room sounds perfect after my run yesterday!


How did your workouts go this week?

Are you a hot yoga fan?

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5 thoughts on “Marathon Training {week 12}

  1. Aww, shucks. Thanks for the shout out! Super impressive week this week Allie! I love hot yoga. I tried out a studio close-ish to my house this weekend with a friend who was visiting from out of town. I always forget how awesome of a workout it is.

  2. AWESOME long run pace!! I love going to eat somewhere tasty after long run days. The group I run with usually goes to Panera – suits me just fine 🙂 I haven’t ever tried hot or bikram yoga, but I do like a nice flow class to stretch everything out.

  3. Your pace looks awesome! Love the workout chart to let us know it’s okay to give our body a rest. I had good workouts this week, interesting boot camp, short runs, and a new Pilates class! It was amazing and so different! My running friend and I ran an easy 4 miles since we were both sick. But at least we still got out there and hit the trail!

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