Fun Filled Weekend

Normally, my weekends are the same thing- run, go out to dinner, maybe grab a movie, or have a low key game night with friends. This past weekend was a little bit more exciting and filled with fun activities.

Earlier in the week my bff, Lauren, asked if we were interested in going to Montgomery Inn for all you can eat ribs. If you’ve ever been there before you’d know these are the best ribs in Cincinnati. She made the reservations for Friday night.

I wasn’t into the all you can eat part, but I was excited for some ribs! Andy and I always split the ribs and pork chop meal and I get a salad as well. Along with the ribs, Montgomery Inn has the best Saratoga chips so Lauren and I shared an order.

My brother,David, and our friend, Bobby, did the all you can eat. Bobby put down 24, while David was the rib king and put down 30! I put down 7 and that was plenty for me. I don’t know how he did it!

Montgomery Inn had a photo booth set up, so after dinner we hopped in to snap a few silly pictures.
It’s always nice to let loose and have a little fun!

Saturday, after my run, I had to work for a few hours. After working I had to go home to make some cupcakes for my cousin Kristen’s 30th birthday. My cupcakes are usually requested for get togethers. I enjoy baking and don’t do it that often!

I decided to tweak my classic vanilla cupcake recipe and make what I’m calling “cookies and cream cookie surprise cupcakes”, sounds delicious right??

I placed an Oreo at the bottom of the cupcake liner and poured the vanilla batter on top. I made a cookies and cream buttercream and sprinkled the top with crushed Oreos.


I’m going to have to make these again. They were a hit! We had a great time celebrating Kristen’s birthday. We grilled out even though it was only 30 degrees outside, played some intense Pictionary, and ended the night with a fun game of Partini!

Sunday was a nice day of relaxing. I did run a few errands but I took my time. I enjoyed not having plans! I caught up on on the DVR and had another Cincinnati favorite, Larosa’s pizza!


How was your weekend? Do anything fun? What’s local places do you love?

2 thoughts on “Fun Filled Weekend

  1. mmmmm ribs! Sonny’s (do y’all have those?) has AYCE Ribs – We haven’t gone in a LONG time, but we used to go. I don’t know why I got AYCE, I can never eat very many, but I do love some ribs.

    We have a few restaurants on the main road through our town, but we don’t eat at any of them. One is WAY over priced for what it is. One is owned by a guy we don’t like (lol), and the other one is also overpriced for just being a sandwich shop. There is a place on the river we want to check out, but we just don’t eat out that often, and when we do, we never think to go to that place. It’s not on our regular route, so we don’t pass it all that often.

  2. Your weekend sounds perfectly Cincinnati! Of course I love it! You are such a talented baker, the cupcakes look amazing. This weekend I spend time with friends, playing foosball and enjoying a good beer or two. I got to play with the most adorable dog, a Vizsla named Zeke! I am going to steal him to take on runs!
    This weekend, my friend Carri and I are doing a fun run “lucky” 7k called Running of the Green! I can’t wait! And hopefully I’ll get to see that cousin of mine, your hubby in the mountains – if my car can make it 🙁

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