Food on the Run 10k-Round 2

I love running, and I love racing even more. I love the atmosphere of being around people who love the same sport as myself. I love that feeling of the gun going off and everyone heading out to achieve the same goal, to finish.

On Saturday I ran in the Food on the Run 10k. The race entry was included with my training group fee. The half group just runs the 10k distance while the full group has to do an add on. I really didn’t set a goal for myself for this race. I had hopes of beating my time from last year  and getting out of my 48:XX 10k rut.

Ready to run in my Wheaties gear

 The race didn’t start until 9 but we were told to get there around 8:30 to get a couple miles in for the warm up. It was nice to “sleep in” a little bit since our normal meet up time is 7:40. I made sure to eat my favorite pre-run breakfast- Wheaties with bananas and almond milk.

I picked up my friend Vicki around 8 to head downtown. There was a little bit of traffic with the parking so we showed up about 5 minutes late to do the early add on with the group. We headed out to do our own warm up and got 2.25 miles in. We got to the starting line about 5 minutes before the gun went off. It was perfect timing!

Vicki and I said to each other that if either one of us pulls ahead to just go on and we’d meet up at the finish. I wasn’t sure how my race was going to go because in the warm up my legs felt heavy.

As soon as we got going on the race I didn’t notice that heavy feeling as much. We had to do a little weaving  in the beginning but as soon as we started the up hill climb we had more space. I was feeling pretty good at this point, I guess all those hilly routes were good for something!

I really used the downhill to my advantage. I shook my arms out, relaxed, and let gravity take over. I only looked at my Garmin when it beeped for each mile. When I saw my mile 5 pace (mile 3ish for the race) I had a huge smile on my face, 6:58! That’s when I knew I could PR on this race.

We split from the 5k runners and headed down to do the last 3 mile loop. I actually liked the last half of the race. We ran right along the Ohio River which made for a scenic view. At one of the turn around spots I saw Vicki as I was heading back. I love when races have turn arounds, cheering on your friends and other runners is super motivating!

The last mile of the race (8-9 on my splits) was a struggle. I ran a really hard race and it was catching up. I kept telling myself the finish was close and with my pace I had a new PR. Since I didn’t reset my Garmin after the warm up I had no idea what my finish time was going to look like.

I crossed the finish line and saw the time of 45:32 pop up on the screen! I was beyond thrilled, I had no clue I had that in me!

After walking around a little bit and getting some water, Vicki and I went out to finish up our 10 miles (about 1.25 miles). An easy cool down felt nice!


I couldn’t wait to text Andy my finish time.  Since it was so cold I told him it wasn’t worth spectating this race. He always is my biggest fan!


Before we left, I checked the screen to see that they had the age group times posted. I was excited to see I was in the top 5! I finished 77/ 965 overall, not too bad!


I can’t wait for my next race on March 17th!

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