Marathon Training {week 9}


9 weeks down 9 weeks to go! I can’t believe I am half way through training for my second marathon. Training really picks up from here and I can not wait for those 15+ mile long runs!

Monday: This was the first week that my Monday runs increased. I put on my headphones and just went. I didn’t look at my Garmin and just ran by feel. I was a good run! I ran 8 miles in 1:05:54 which is an 8:14 pace.


Tuesday:  I went to my normal circuit training class. At the end of the class he told everyone we were going to do a max plank and at every :30 we had to do a push up. If you have been reading my blog for a while you’d know I love a good challenge! It came down to myself and another guy in the class, and our instructor cut us off at 5:00.  I think adding the push up gave a little of relief from holding the plank.

Wednesday: Intervals were on the schedule. My normal coach wasn’t there that night so we ran with the coach that trains the 3:55 goal group. We started with a 1.25 mile warm up to run to a local park. At the park we did a slower pace to the poles (not sure distance) than ran about .5 mile at :30 seconds faster than race pace, then finished out the trail at a slower pace. We rested for :30 and did it all again, we did 6 rounds total and ended with a 1.25 cool down.


I also picked up my training perks from my group. We had the choice of a tank or a tee and I picked the tank. I can’t wait to wear it this summer!


Thursday: I went to circuit training class again. She had the bikes set up for class which I was excited about. We split the class into two groups. One group would ride on the bike for 5 minutes while the other group  did a 5 minute round of circuits. We switched three times so by the time class was done I had about 9 miles in on the bike.  It made class fun!

Friday: I really debated about getting up when my alarm went off at 5:30, but after I hit snooze one time I talked myself into getting up. In class we did a chipper workout. Since I was running on Saturday I switched the push press to just a press. We did other leg work so I didn’t want to over work them.

Warm up 3 rounds: 
10 pushups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats (last 10 pushups hand release) 
3 minute ride on bike for max calories

30- wall ball (#16), push press (#15 db), sit ups 
1 burpee 13 jumping jacks

20- wall balls, push press, hand release push ups 
1 jumping jack 13 burpees

10-wall balls, push press, squats

Ride to match original calories 
Repeat switch push press for trx body rows, wall balls for walk lunge steps

Saturday: I had 10 miles on the schedule which included a 10k race (the entry fee was included with my training group fee). It was a cold, snowy morning but I was ready to race! I will have a post about this race tomorrow, but I will say I did PR by 3 minutes with a finish time of 45:32! I am still on my runners high! {check out my recap here}

Sunday:I do have to plank today (I started a challenge up with 6 family members-including my 10 year old nephew!), but other than that I’m enjoying a day of rest!


This week I’m going to try to get a day of hot yoga in. When I was training for my half last fall I did hot yoga and it helped with the soreness and increased my flexibility. A local studio is offering 10 classes for $10. My best friend has been going to the classes since January so I will try to go with her. I’m looking forward to getting back into the hot room!

How were your workouts this week? Try anything new?

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4 thoughts on “Marathon Training {week 9}

  1. Nice week Allie! I always get jealous of your gym class offerings when I read these posts. Those circuit classes sound great, and the price that you pay is so fantastic. Again, congrats on an awesome 10k PR and a sub-7 mile! You’re kicking butt. I know you want to sub-4 the marathon, but is there a goal beyond that you’re reaching for? Your paces are killer.

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