Marathon Training {Week 6}





Week 6, the first down week. It was a good one for training, weather was much better!  


Monday: Snow was in the forecast for Monday evening (when I’d be running), so I decided to switch it up and run before work. I set my alarm for 5:15 and really struggled getting up. I went back and forth with sleeping in but I got myself up and out the door. I really enjoyed this early morning run. It was quite, I had the road to myself (sidewalks were still snow covered) , and I was cruising. This was faster than my goal marathon pace but I didn’t feel like I was pushing myself.



Tuesday: The first Tuesday of the month is the obstacle course in my circuit training class. We use the whole gym and do a 30 minute AMRAP. I finished up four rounds, which included 100+ push ups, 60 TRX body rows, and more. I was pretty sore, but that just means I worked hard!

Wednesday:  Speed work night! I was surprised to see hill intervals on the schedule since Saturday was a hilly route.  We started with a 1.5 mile warm up to get to the hill (a dead-end street). We ran up the hill fast, marathon pace to the end of the street, fast back to the top of the hill, slow going down. We did that about three times. We ran straight back to the running store and my Garmin only said a little over four miles. A couple of us decided to run up the street and back to finish at six.


Thursday: Circuit training class again. We would do a set and have to run for three minutes. I was able to get four laps (.4 miles) in each set, so by the time class was over I ended up getting two miles in. We did lots of kettle bell swings, and wood choppers. I knew I’d feel those later!

Friday: P&E class (structured a lot like CrossFit). I wasn’t too excited to see more kettle bell swings on the plan, but I got them done! I was sore by the evening! I applied some Perform pain relieving gel which helped out a ton!

Saturday: Again, I was surprised to see another hill on our route when I got the email on Friday morning. This hill was a good one. It was a steady incline for about a mile and half. But what goes up must come down!  We were instructed to run this slow and steady but we ran this fast. I don’t know if it was the downhill, or the amount of miles but my coach was speedy. Thank goodness for compression sleeves!

This made that hill climb worth it, the beautiful Cincinnati skyline


How were your workouts this week? Do you add hill intervals to your training?

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