Weekly Workouts: Marathon Training {week 5}


This week is brought to you by the word weather. In typical Cincinnati fashion we had unusual highs, rain, snow, and high winds. And of course, those were all on the days I was scheduled to run.

Monday: I wanted to run in the morning before work but I forgot to set my alarm. I ran after work & practice and got 7 miles in before it rained. It was nice to run in shorts! I ran 7 miles in 58:10, an 8:18 pace.

Tuesday: I was so excited for the workout I created. I went to the gym after work and got on the rowing machine to warm up. I made the mistake of looking at my phone to see an very important email come through. You can read about that here, but needless to say after I read that all I wanted to do was go home so I left. I’ll take the 1 mile row 🙂

Wednesday: I was looking forward to this run all day. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I LOVE my training group. During the four month of training program we have a couple happy hours. Running with my friends and free beer afterwards?! That’s my kind of happy hour 🙂 Anyway back to the run, so the temp was dropping all day but at 6 pm it was around 40 with a little drizzle. We walked outside at 6:30 and it was raining a little more. About a minute later it down poured, the winds picked up (about 30mph), and it got cold fast. This, of course, was when we were running on a bridge over the Ohio River. As soon as we crossed into Ohio (We met in Kentucky) the rain slowed down. I think everyone had the fear of being blown into the river! We  got our mile and a half warm up in and then we ran 3 miles of Fartlek’s, followed by a mile and a half cool down. I actually look forward to speed work, I think it is a very important part of training!


Thursday: I played in my last soccer game (until the spring).  I’m excited to have a free day to either run or cross train (or knowing me-both!)

Friday: I woke up to a nice surprise, snow. And better yet, a two hour delay for work! I debated on going to the gym but the roads didn’t look terrible and the gym is just a couple miles down the road. I am glad I went, I really needed a good workout. The workout was a good one for the arms! I posted the workout on my Daily Mile page (if we aren’t friends already, add me!)

Saturday: I woke up to see a snowy morning, again! I was actually looking forward to running in the snow,it was the hills on the schedule I was not too excited about! It’s amazing how more difficult running in snow is. Our coach told us we were going to go slower than normal to avoid any injuries. Going up the hills there was no traction, going down the hills we had to running different to avoid slipping. I could feel my calf muscles  burning at mile 3. I couldn’t think of any other time I felt this tired during a run. The snowy hills really beat me up! The route only took us to 10.3 miles but I talked a few other runners into finishing it out to 11 miles. I’m glad we did the little add on. After this run I felt stronger. As soon I as got home I took a hot shower and wore my compression sleeves for the afternoon. Today I feel good!

Check out these hills:


I ran 11 miles in 1:41:01 with an average pace of 9:11


How did your workouts go this week? Did you have a crazy weather week as well?

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  1. It makes me LOL that you meet in Kentucky & run into Ohio. I think i’ve been over the Ohio bridge before – We went to some little river side place several years ago when we stayed in KY. I want to say it was by a stadium (??) .. my memory is awesome – I actually think that was 10 years ago bc I was JUST old enough to go in a bar. … My workouts were non-existent. My watch tells me I had 3 workouts, but I only remember 2. I needed a break last week, so I took it.

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