Weekly Workouts: Marathon Training Week 4

It’s hard to believe one month of training is completed already!



This week was a chilly one!  It wasn’t until last year I ran in the cold. Now, I would much rather run in 20* than 80*!

Monday- I was off work so it got to run later in the morning. I was thankful because as the day went on the wind picked up. I ran 7 miles at an 8:18 pace.

Tuesday- Normally I go to the gym for a circuit training class but my dance team had a performance that night so I had to skip class. I decided to try a video out from Gaiam TV.  I picked Jillian Michaels Extreme Shed & Shred level 2. It was about a 45 minute workout that was pretty high intensity. It was a tough, but good workout. I’m looking forward to trying out more videos.

Wednesday- Hill repeats were on the running calendar and that is what we did. We met at a church that was about a mile away from the hill route. We did the warm up mile at a slower pace. We ran the hill loop twice- going up the hill was marathon pace and the rest of the loop was at :20-:30 seconds fast than MP (miles  2-4 in my splits). Mile 5 & 6 were back to the meeting place. Hill work is tough but it is so important to training, especially for the Pig!


Thursday: I had a soccer game. I like to think of it as sprint work :).

Friday: I woke up early and went to the gym for PE class. I’m lucky that my gym offers CrossFit type of classes with instructors that are CF certified. This week was a good workout, my legs felt the burn!


Saturday:  I woke up super tired so I wasn’t sure how my run was going to go. We ran with a different coach because our normal guy was down in Miami running the marathon. We started off slower than usual (which was nice because I had more energy at the end).  At the first mile my Garmin warned me that it was getting full. I had never had that pop up before and I was worried it wasn’t going to track the whole run. Thankfully at the mile 6 water stop (thanks to the Flying Pig who set up for us!) someone showed me how to delete old runs. I’m working towards hitting 1,000 miles this year so every mile is important!  Before I knew it, we hit mile 8 and I was feeling fantastic. The last 2 miles were over icy, snowy parts so we took it a little slower to avoid slipping. I finished the 10 miles in 1:26:40 averaging an 8:40 pace.

Sunday: A nice, and much needed, rest day. Well, we did walk around the boat show but that doesn’t count 😉

I’m looking forward to warmer temps this week but we do have rain in the forecast. At least I will get use out of my new running rain jacket my mom bought me for Christmas!

How did your workouts go this week? Do you enjoy working out with videos at home? Any favorites?

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts: Marathon Training Week 4

  1. That’s a DailyMile chart! When did you join? We need to be friends. Awesome job this week with workouts. I want to try Gaiam TV. Tim got Apple TV for Christmas so I can stream it onto the TV. What else was offered? And awesome job on your long run. Question for you. How frequently do you stop on long runs normally? And for how long? I would stop every 3-5 miles during my training for 30 seconds (quick breather)-3 minutes (gel or water stop), and I’m wondering if that hurt my race in the end.

  2. Great job this week! I’m only 1 week ahead of you for marathon training. Which one are you doing? Your paces are super impressive! I love that you’re doing the 1000 mile challenge – that was my goal last year and you’ll definitely hit it with marathon training. I trained for two half-marathons and reached 1000 miles by the end of November. Can’t wait to read more about your adventures!

    Ashley @ The Preppy Runner

  3. Hopefully you’ll get some of the nice weather CO was having! (we are hitting snow now, but had super warm temps this past week)! Keep going strong for 1,000 miles YAY!!!!!

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