Weekly Workouts: Marathon Training Week 3

Another week down, another week closer to the marathon!



The week didn’t go exactly as planned.

Monday I was scheduled to run 5-6 miles. I went out with the goal to run 6 but once I got to 5 miles it was really dark out. I decided 5 was good enough and I quickly ordered a head lamp to wear for future evening runs. I ran 5 miles in 41:54  {an 8:22 pace}. I got pretty cold so I warmed up with some hot chocolate post run!


Tuesday I went to the gym for the circuit training class. We did curtsy lunges with weights, and boy did I feel those for a couple days. They are a great exercise for the IT-band.

Wednesday the running group was over in Newport, KY. Normally my drive is about 15 minutes to get over there.  I didn’t watch the new to see that they highway was shut down because of an accident. This was my view for the next hour.


Once we (I car pooled with my running buddy) arrived we saw the group had left. I sort of knew where they were going to be so we ran across the bridge and through a park to look. As we were going back we saw them and jumped in. We were a mile behind so we ended with 5 miles. It was already pretty late so we didn’t add on. I ran 5 miles in 41:58 {an 8:23 pace}, with negative splits.

Thursday I was thinking of running a couple miles but my body wanted a rest day so I took it!

Friday morning I woke up early to head to the gym before work. A lot of the workout was legs so I didn’t do my normal weights. I didn’t want to be sore for running the next day.

Saturday morning was a beautiful morning to run. We had a nice hilly route this week.I actually felt pretty good even though I have been dealing with a cold. The group actually stuck with the right pace, too! We ran 8.5 miles.



This week I have 6-7 miles on Monday, 6-7 miles Wednesday with hill repeats, and 7-9 miles for our long run. I am hoping to cross train Tuesday & Friday again.

I am off work tomorrow so I will be getting my run in early!

What workout plans to you have this week? Be sure to link up with Meghan!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts: Marathon Training Week 3

  1. I love your coffee mug!

    I sure wish that I were as speedy as you. You seem to be doing an excellent job with training. That mileage will start stacking up quick. 🙂 Awesome!

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