Commitment Day 5k Cincinnati

Happy New Year!

About a month ago I posted about the Commitment Day race. When I first heard about it I fell in love with the concept, 30 cities with thousands of people all with the same goal-starting 2013 off in a healthy way. I knew I had to get involved on this nationwide movement.


I made the commitment to maintain a healthy lifestyle and run marathon #2. I want to be a positive influence for people who wish to do the same. I loved seeing my Twitter feed with everyone’s commitments yesterday. It was fun to “run” with other bloggers who weren’t in my city. I enjoyed seeing all the Instagram photos with the my commitment hashtag.

I inspired a friend to run the race as well. Alisha and I have been friends for a long time. She is actually my co-coach for the dance team so she hears all about my running adventures. She asked what I was doing New Years day and she said she wanted to run. I told her about the race and she signed up!

When we arrived at Newport on the Levee  we saw all the Commitment Day signs. There was a big banner for us to write our commitment on. It was interesting to read what other people were committing to. I saw a “run a marathon under 2:55 (wow!)”, a child wrote “run for 5 minutes”, and numerous “stay healthy” commitments.




Alisha and I headed over to the photo spot to get our before shot together.


 We had a half hour to waste before the race started so we found a spot to stretch and chat.

We heard the announcement that the race was beginning in 5 minutes and we headed outside. It was a fairly small race , maybe 200 people , so we got up pretty close to the starting line.


The first mile was mostly over a bridge. Since this race was an out and back I knew I had to save some energy to come back to that awful bridge.

I loved how they had timers for us at every mile, even though I wore my Garmin.  I was up towards the front of the pack and when we did the turn around I counted the number of females ahead of me. I saw the first two females and I was within arms distance of the third female.

Now, I know this race is all about coming together and committing to a healthier life in 2013, but I may be just a tad bit competitive. I kept thinking how awesome would it be to be in the top 3 females!

Right before mile 2 I passed the third place female. That is when I kicked it into gear and knew I had to push myself the last mile.

Like I said, I still had to head back over that bridge. It wasn’t easy but I kept telling myself less than a mile was all I had left.

As soon as I saw that orange finish line I knew I had it.

I finished the race at 23:01, a new PR, and as the third female to cross. I am so proud of my achievement.


I got my water and snacks and headed back to see Alisha cross the finish line. This was her first race in the cold, she rocked it!


We went back inside to get our swag and get our after the race photos!




I loved everything about this race. It was well organized, easy to register for, and I always got a quick response whenever I had a question. Plus, the tee shirt is one of my favorites from a run! I hope to see this race back in Cincinnati for 2014. I could easily see this becoming a New Year’s Day tradition.

What commitments have you made for 2013?

Photos were from the Commitment Day Facebook page.

*in exchange for promoting the race I was given a free entry to the race. I planned on running this race anyway so that was just an added incentive  🙂 

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  1. Ha you literally ran the same one! I was thinking for a second that you ran one of the other ones going on across the nation!! Hello fellow Cincinnati area person!! Consider me a follower now! I love finding local blogs and I rarely do find them. Congrats on the PR! 3rd woman across the finish line that is amazing!! So you’re thinking about marathon number 2? Which one? Have a great weekend!

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