Thanksgiving Day Race 2012

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and spent a lot of time with family and friends. That is the reason I took a little break from the blog. Between three Thanksgiving dinners, visiting family, and starting my Christmas shopping I didn’t have much time to sit and blog. It was a very nice short break. I have so much to share. First, I need to do a little catching up!

Thanksgiving started out exactly how it did last year, running in the 103rd Thanksgiving Day 10k Race.

It was a beautiful morning to run. At race time it was in the upper 40’s. Perfect! It was a later start time so I had time to sleep in and enjoy a bowl of Wheaties. Andy and my mom decided to come down to cheer me on. They had no idea how huge this race is, huge  meaning 17,000 people! It took over 20 minutes for everyone to cross over the starting line!

I had a goal of beating my time last year (48:01) but I knew this race isn’t ideal for setting a PR. While the race has pace groups set up, people do not follow them. I lined up closer to the 7:00/mile group. That was my first mistake, I knew how crowded it was. I should of worked my way up closer to the front. The gun went off at 9 am and we were off.

The first mile consisted of me dodging other runners and walkers. I ran on the sidewalk to make it easier to pass people. At mile 2 I picked it up. Then, it was time for bridge number one. After training and running the Pig I was ready for those bridges! I forgot how bad they suck! Once we were in Kentucky I felt like the miles flew by. Right before mile 4 there was another bridge. I was glad it was a little one. We had one mile in Covington before we hit the worst bridge of them all. Once we got there I kept looking up, it made it a little better. Once I saw the mile 5 maker I picked up the pace. I was glad to see Andy and my mom, they gave me a boost at the end that was much needed. My Garmin measured the race a little longer but that could have been the weaving in and out. I didn’t beat last years time but I was still happy with an official time of 48:30.

I placed 1386 OA, 60/1302 AG(in the top 10% so I received an award 🙂 ), & 240/8081 female.

Looking the wrong way for Andy


Thankful for this guy


My proud mom

 This race is well known for its goodies after the race.  I learned from last year to bring a bag!

This race is becoming one of my favorite Thanksgiving day traditions. I am looking forward to the race in 2013!

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  1. Congrats! Sounds like a fun race with so many people. My turkey trot was so much smaller with few amenities at the end. I would imagine it would be frustrating to run a 10k that jammed the whole way. At least on longer races they open up some. At Disney it only really feels like you’re clogged for the first mile or two. What a great stash of goodies after the race! Congrats on a great race!

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