ONE Coconut Water {review}

I was recently given the opportunity to try out a variety of O.N.E Coconut Water drinks. I am someone who tends to only drink water. After exercising I know how important it is to re-hydrate but I always forget about those electrolytes. Once I heard that coconut water was a natural way to replace them I knew I had to try it out.

A few weeks ago I received this at my doorstep:

 I was most excited to try the pink guava coconut water. On Friday mornings I go to a pretty intense workout class before work. I threw a water in my lunch. That is one thing I love, the packaging is perfect for on the go.  I found the pink guava to be very refreshing. It wasn’t over powered with flavor, which I liked.


Like I said, they are great for on the go. There are many times I squeeze in a run before I have to go do something else. After a run I grabbed the coconut water with a splash of pineapple. The flavor was sweet and tasty.  It has more of a pineapple taste than coconut water but I really enjoyed it!


I was a little nervous about the splash of mango coconut water. I am not a huge mango fan, but I still gave it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised! It wasn’t an over powering mango flavor, again very refreshing! I brought one to dance practice and one of my dancers asked what I was drinking. I told her the benefits (100% Natural, Fat, Cholesterol, GMO and Gluten Free and Not From Concentrate) and I said how it would be a great drink for any of my dancers to bring to practice. At the next practice, the same girl came back up to me to tell me she bought some waters and loved them as well. I am so happy teenage girls are making the better choice 🙂


What I wasn’t a fan of was the plain coconut water. Maybe I would have liked it more if I didn’t try the flavored drinks first. What I did like was mixing the plain coconut water in my smoothies. My favorite combination:

1 frozen banana

a handful of strawberries

1 cube of yogurt*

4 oz ONE coconut water (or more)

*I freeze my yogurt in ice cube tray’s-makes it perfect for smoothies!
I still have other recipes to try with coconut water like this strawberry coconut margarita, and this salad dressing.
I have been replacing one glass of water with coconut water everyday. Most of the time I am adding them to my lunches, but sometimes I have one at dinner. I feel refreshed, re-hydrated, and energized!
O.N.E. recently relaunched their blog, be sure to check it out! I was touched by their post about how they came to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. I love that!
Also, be sure to like ONE on Facebook for your chance to win a case!
Have you tried coconut water? Do you have any great recipes to share that use coconut water?
*This posting was sponsored by ONE Coconut Water, but all opinions are strictly my own. I was not compensated for my review. 

2 thoughts on “ONE Coconut Water {review}

  1. After going to hot yoga, I’ve seen a lot of people drinking coconut water. I definitely need to try it out soon, especially since you enjoyed it so much!!

  2. I use canned coconut water in my smoothies, but I haven’t tried any of the flavored ones. Honestly, the cost usually is what makes me shy away from them. I’m intrigued by the flavors though!

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