Vacation Dreamin’

With less than 8 weeks left in the year for work all I can think about is what to do this summer. Besides my summer job (aka working on my tan) I need to travel! I already have plans to go to the lake and then to Nashville to visit a friend the first two weeks in June. But that isn’t enough. This girl needs to go some place new and exciting!

Andy & I have no excuse to go on vacation. We don’t have kids, we both have time off, and we both have the desire to travel. The only thing we need to figure out is where. In the past few years we have gone to NYC/NJ, Chicago, USVI,the Carolina’s, Florida, &  Las Vegas. We love culture, good food, and a fun atmosphere.

That’s where my readers come in 🙂 Where are your favorite places to visit? Do you live in a city that is totally cool and we need to check out? We are down for anything so please share!

3 thoughts on “Vacation Dreamin’

  1. Come to Alaska! It’s best in May/June. It’s definitely an experience you’d never forget. My favorite beach vacation was the Caribbean, but touring the New England states is really fun too. My favorite trip was a road trip from PA to OK a few years ago.

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