Heart-Half Marathon

This past Sunday I ran my 2nd half marathon. This one was built into our training plan for the full, so I’ve known about this race since January. We ran The Heart Mini. This race included a half, 15k (mini), & a 5k. The half and the mini started at 7:45. We started about a block east of Fountain Square downtown. It was a beautiful 60* around race time, but once that sun came out it warmed up quick!

I had heard how hilly the course is and that was no joke! The first 4 miles were some rolling hills, we turned around to run those same 4 miles, followed by a straight up hill stint in the middle of that. I caught up to a friend right before mile 7. We gave each other a quick pep talk (really her giving me one!) before we split since she was running the 15k. That really gave me a boost to finish the race.

Nearing the finish line


We split off from the 15k group at mile 8.5. We had a little flat part till we got to the Purple People Bridge. We ran in Kentucky for a short time and then crossed the Southgate Bridge back into Ohio around mile 11-11.5. That last bridge kicked my butt. The sun was coming down on us and I was just dripping in sweat. Looking back now I should of taken some GU (which I took once at mile 8) to give me that last little push. This race wasn’t very spectator friendly which usually gives me the boost I need. The rest of the course was just a few turns to get back to the finish line. This was by far the most challenging race I have ever ran.

Finishing with a smile!

I really wanted to PR and I at first thought I did. See, my Garmin paused around mile 7 and I didn’t notice until mile 8. I knew I started about 2 minutes after the gun. Once I got to the last stretch of the race I saw the clock was at 1:50:00 and that is when I gave it all my energy I had. I came in at 1:51:23 (17 freaking seconds from a PR!!). One thing I have learned though is never compare races. This race was 10 times harder than my first half. I will say that is a win in my book just because of the harder course. I still maintained an 8:30 pace which is where I would LOVE to be for my marathon that is just 46 days away.

After the race I saw some familiar faces, other runners, and congratulated them on their race. I looked around and realized nobody was there for me. I didn’t ask Andy to go to the race because I assumed he would be there, and he assumed I would ask him to go. My mom text me as soon as I crossed the finish line to ask how I did. That is when I called her and broke down. I felt like I did freaking awesome but had no one there to enjoy that excitement with. I know Andy and my mom would have been there if I would of just confirmed with them that they’d go. We live and learn. They both have promised me that they will be there for the race that I am looking most forward to (along with every other person I know-I want a large cheering crowd what can I say?!) I expect people to be as excited about running as I am, but I it isn’t for everyone and I need to remember that!

I am pleased with how I did. This race is good practice for the Pig and I must say I am ready to tackle those hills! I will say this, I will not be wearing my fuel belt for the full. Those water bottles actually left bruises on my hips bones!  I want to get one of those bottles that fit easily into your hand, that would work but better!

46 days!!

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