Food on the Run-10k

 This past weekend instead of just running a long run we had a 10k to run. This 10k was included in our fee to join the group. A 10k a week 9 really wasn’t fitting into the training schedule so we had to add on before (3 miles) and after (1 mile) for a total of 10. I’ve been eager to race, there is just something about racing that I love.

The course wasn’t terrible but it did have a good hill. One of the running group coaches kept chanting ‘we love this hill!’. It was good motivation 🙂 The good thing about the hill was once we got to the top it was time to turn around so we got to head down the hill {always nice!}. Did I mention it was windy that morning?? Of course, the wind was blowing right at our faces going down. My pace did increase so I was still happy.


The first half of the race was pretty quick. If I would have ran the 5k I would of totally PR’d. I haven’t ran a 5k in over a year, I need to sign up for one after the marathon to see how much faster I am. After 3 miles my pace dropped just a little but I was still under 8’s.

 I didn’t PR like I wanted to (my last 10k was about :45 seconds faster) but I was pleased. I had a great pace and I did run 3 miles before hand (could have been a different story if we didn’t have the warm up). I still was in the top 10 of my age group {#7} , 30/626 for the females, and 132/942 overall. I’ll take it!

This post wouldn’t be complete without my standard “Hey Andy take a picture of me with my race bib” photo.

Usually I take theses before but I didn’t want to wake him, so after it was 🙂 

This week we will do 16 (!!!) on Saturday. This week is the halfway point. 9 down 9 to go!


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