Thanksgiving 2011



I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! It’s hard to believe the day has come and gone so quickly. The rest of the year is down hill from here!

After reading Kara Goucher’s book I was inspired to run on Thanksgiving, she said they are the funnest races to run. Luckily, Cincinnati has a Thanksgiving Day Race 10k. I waiting to sign up to make sure the weather was going to be nice and it sure was. At race time it was about 40*, which is my favorite to run in.

I ran this race with Andy’s cousin, Emily, and her friends Carolynn and Michelle. We all went to high school together so it was fun to run with them!

This race is huge, I’m talking like 15,000+ people. The first 2 miles wasn’t fun. I had to dodge in and out to pass people. I hit the mile 3 marker at 24 minutes. That’s when I knew I was cruising. I have now clue where this speed came from but I was thrilled. I never felt tired or like I was pushing myself too hard. I finished the race in 48:01, with an average pace of 7:45!

This made my day. I beat my last 10k  by 4 minutes.

After the race I came home to make pumpkin cheesecake bars, delish, and to get everything ready for Thanksgiving dinner. We only were having five people, including us, so it was fairly easy. Thankfully, my mom came over to help cook so I could go with Andy over to his aunts house around lunch time.

Our small, but nice Thanksgiving. I definitely missed my brother and his family this year.

I thought I would also squeeze in an OOTD turkey day style!

Cardigan- JCrew

Top- JCrew

Skirt- Ann Taylor Loft (not online but in stores)

Tights- Gap (which I bought last year for $1!)

Boots- Jessica Simpson (buy them here!)




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