Thanksgiving Menu

Can you believe thanksgiving is just one week away? I have a love hate relationship with this time of the year. I love getting together with family, cooking & eating some really great food, and of course the shopping! On the other hand I hate having to travel to a few places and feel rushed or guilty for being there for a short time. Ah, such is life as a wife right?

My brother and I switch off on who hosts Thanksgiving every year and this year just so happens to be my year. I love hosting! I’m excited to pick the menu, decorate the table, and cook for everyone. Except, this year, my brother and his family will be in Florida 🙁 . This is the first time we’ve never celebrated a holiday together. I will miss them but I’m not sure how much they will be missing us while they are in Disney!

Needless to say our Thanksgiving dinner will be a small gathering, just my mom, in-laws Andy and myself. That doesn’t stop me from creating a delicious dinner though! My good friend, Martha, emailed me this week with 75 recipes for Thanksgiving. I picked some to use to go along side our deep fried bird.

Muffin-pan potato gratins
Herbert mashed potatoes (which I don’t eat and why we have two kinds)
Green beans with lemon butter (I made these last year and omg they are good!)
Apple pie cider (I may be the only one to drink this)
Rolls (I have a bread maker so I may make a fresh loaf)
Mixed greens salad with white chocolate shavings and raspberry vinegarette

I am still in need a few things. I will probably skip out on the stuffing because I don’t think anyone eats it. Feel free to send me some recipes or links to some good dishes to add to my menu!

Who isn’t addicted to Pinterest?! I found the exact table set up I want. Here is the look I’ll be going for:

What is your Thanksgiving going to look like this year? Any fun traditions?

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