I ❤ NYC NJ {part 4}

We had one full day left in New Jersey*. We wanted to take it easy since we were non stop since we left on Thursday. I was happy the hotel had a gym so I was able to get a good workout in while on vacation (like our walking in the city wasn’t enough!) Once I finished up at the gym I went back to our room to go get ready to head out for the day. Our first stop was the outlet mall. I was kind of disappointed, I only walked away with a cute teal skirt from JCrew, and Andy left with a new Under Armor sweatshirt and Columbia backpack for the motorcycle. Then, we looked up Seaside Heights and it was only a half hour drive so we went there. If you watch MTV then you know what is in Seaside.


 Yup, we saw the Jersey Shore house! It was 1 in the afternoon, on a Sunday, so I’m sure the crew was still sleeping from the night before. (My co-worker went to the boardwalk early in the week and saw Snooki, JWow, and Pauly taking a walk-jealous!!) What we didn’t realize was the house is right in front of the store they work at. The deck is even on top of the store! We decided to take a ride on the skyride to see the boardwalk and beach a little better.


I kept seeing signs for waffles and ice cream, two things that don’t normally go together. I stopped at one place and asked what it was. And, it’s exactly what it sounds like! They make you a Belgian waffle and put a big ol’ block of ice cream in the middle. Two of my favorite things to eat, together in one delicious dessert!? I had to get it!  It was good, but  I could barely eat half of the half!


We didn’t want to stay in Seaside, so we took a drive to another beach to check out, Point Pleasant Beach. We did pay $8 pp to get on the beach (really!? we pay to go to an ocean??). We set up out towel and proceeded to take a nice, relaxing nap on the beach. We didn’t get in the water, only dipped our toes, because the water was fa-reez-ing! We took a walk on that boardwalk too. We decided to head back towards our hotel to look for a place for dinner and found this cute little diner.

Can you tell who spends a lot of time at the pool and who doesn’t?

The next day we woke up and headed to the airport. We were on standby (due to the buddy passes) and thankfully we go on the plane! We had a 5 hour layover in Milwaukee which sucked but flew by because we caught up on Big Brother 🙂 We had Andy’s mom drop us off at the airport so she was in charge of picking us up. I was surprised (kind of) that my mom was with her as well (it’s super nice my mom and mother in law get along so well!).

And that’s it folks! I’m so glad we got to go on this trip. Andy & I don’t tend to travel just the two of us so it was nice to get away with him. We need to embrace this kid free lifestyle while we’re young!

*If you made it through all 4 parts of our trip then you rock!

2 thoughts on “I ❤ NYC NJ {part 4}

  1. That is SO cool that you saw the JS house! I had no idea that their work is so close to their house. Wow. No excuse for not being on time, or being there. That is crazy.

    $8/pp to get on the beach. holy cow. We paid $8 to park yesterday, it was $4/pp.. but it was a state park. At most of the beaches over here it’s per hour. The beaches on the East Coast of Fl is usually $5/per car.

  2. I love this post, because we spent many summer weeks down at Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights. Of course, that was pre-jersey shore 🙂

    The Jet Star at Seaside was my first roller coaster, ever. Good times! And YUM, waffles and ice cream!

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