I ❤ NYC NJ {part 3}

It was time to leave the big city 🙁 We LOVED New York and can’t wait to head back there one day. We had a blast and I’m glad we got to visit. But it was time to go to what we really came on this trip for, to see my friend Lisa get married!

We took the train back to Newark and picked up a rental car. The sales lady tried everything she could to get us to upgrade to a Camero or a Mustang, but we stuck to our guns (and our money) and rolled out of the airport in a Nissan Cube 🙂

We tried to check into our hotel early but we couldn’t get in until 3, so we had 3 hours to kill. We found a Panera to go eat at and charge up our phones. After hanging out there for a while we drove around to check it all out. We ended up in Red Bank. They were having a sidewalk sale so we parked our car and looked around. I found a long, flowy tank to wear with leggings at Urban Outfitters for $9(which I never shop there but I love that store!). Oh and did I mention there is no sales tax on clothes in NYC or NJ!?

We drove back to our hotel to go get ready for the wedding. Thanks to my bff I had a super cute dress to wear (being the same size as your best friend is a good perk!) I must say Andy cleaned up quite well too!

The wedding was so beautiful. She had Catholic, Methodist, and even Aborigeni readings. She got married in a chapel that was built in the 1800’s and was resorted back to how it looked then, so no lights.

We had a 3 hour gap in between the wedding and cocktail hour/reception so we (I met Lisa from the school I worked at, so 2 other teachers came as well) went to Fridays for a drink to catch up. The reception was at the PNC Bank Arts Center. The cocktail hour was awesome, lots of yummy food and drinks. I kept drinking this fantastic raspberry champagne (Oh, how I wish I knew the name of it so I could buy it!)

Then it was time for the party to begin! New Jersey-ers really know how to throw a great party. The dj played the perfect mix of music, the 4 course, yes 4, dinner was the best food I’ve had at a wedding. But lets get to the really good stuff-the cake! Hands down I think it was the best cake I’ve ever had, gasp! even better than my own! It was plated with a chocolate cover strawberry and creme brulee. How I went 25 years without trying creme brulee I’ll never know but that is some good dessert!

We danced the night away while sharing stories of our trip so far and what our plans were for the next day.

I have one installment left in my blog about the trip posts.  Can you guess where we went?? YEEAAH BUDDY!

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