I ❤ NYC {part 2}

We woke up Friday morning ready to explore the great city. I didn’t get the best nights sleep but luckly for my there was a Starbucks on every corner. As we were walking towards Columbus Square I spotted an Argo Tea, I decided to stop there instead of SB since I had it in Chicago and loved it. I was going to get an iced mate late but the barista talked me into a bubble tea, blech it wasn’t good!

After we left Argo we went into Central Park. I was so jealous of all the runners! If I lived in NYC that would be where I would go to run. It was weird being in this quiet park while the hustle and bustle of the city was surrounding us.

We even got to see a model shoot 🙂

We then headed down to the MET to check out some art. It’s good to know people, A’s cousin had a hook up for us there so we not only got in free but he also took us around and knew some history about the pieces that were there. I really wanted to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit but the line to get in was about 3 hours and we really didn’t have the time to do so.

We checked out the upper east side, walking into different stores, checking out the building, and then stopping for lunch. I knew I wanted New York style pizza. I found this little shop and got the white sauce with tomato pizza. SO good!

We then headed off to the next must see on my list, Sprinkles. I follow them on Twitter and everyday they have a secret word that you can say to get a free cupcake. Can I say I was more than excited to whisper  the word and get my cupcake. We also ordered a strawberry. Hands down the best cupcakes I’ve ever had.

The shopping in NYC is really good too. We got off at the wrong stop on the subway, but it worked out because I saw the Lululemon store. I’ve heard all about this store but never checked it out. I fell in love! I got the Free to be bra and the Cool racerback. Normally I wouldn’t spend that much on workout clothes but I had been saving for NYC shopping so I thought why not. Now I know whenever I get extra cash where I’ll be shopping.

I also wanted to check out Zara, since I had seen other bloggers have cute outfits from there. I ended up getting 2 tops (that I will have OOTD of).  And that was I all bought in NYC! I knew we had some outlet shopping to do in NJ 🙂

After some shopping we walked over to the Brooklyn Bridge, which was neat to see. But my all time favorite experience was walking down to Ground Zero. It was such a surreal experience being there. I was in 10th grade when the towers were hit.  I watched it on TV and being there was eerie.  The memorial isn’t finished yet but they did have a preview center that you could check out. I was surprised on how emotional I got while being there.

We took one more subway trip back towards Time Square to grab a bite to eat. It was getting ready to pour down rain so we picked the closest place to us which happened to be Ruby Tueday’s, I know boring! We just sat and ate dinner talking about our adventures while it poured down outside. We made one more stop for dessert before heading back to the hotel. We got these tiny cupcakes, they really hit the spot!

We knew we had another long day ahead of us heading back to NJ for the wedding!

2 thoughts on “I ❤ NYC {part 2}

  1. Your post has me realizing how much I miss NYC. I am originally from there but I am sure a lot has changed since my childhood that I would love to return back to. Great pictures and I cannot wait to participate in the Blog Swap with you!

    Take care!

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