First 10k!

This past Saturday I ran my first 10k. I had a goal this year of running one and I did it. I was happy to find out the Red’s added a 10k to their annual Redlegs Run. A few years ago I walked the 5k so I knew how much fun this race was. One of the incentives for this race is the free ticket you get to a game! Normally you finish the race at home plate but due to the massive amounts of rain we weren’t able to do so.

I woke up at 5:15 to get ready for the race, which started at 7 am. My mom wanted to go cheer me on so I picked her up at 6:15 and we headed downtown. Before we left I had her take a picture. Last year I ran all my races in a pink top, this will be the year of the blue shirt ๐Ÿ™‚

Get it?! 10k

So we get down there and find out the parking is $10 (I was a little irritated because the packet said it would be $5, and the website said $8, whatever). I gave my mom all my stuff to hold and I headed down to the starting line. Right as the race was getting ready to start the rain came pouring down, and it didn’t stop for the whole race. I was happy I grabbed my visor before I left the house!

I must say the rain wasn’t so bad, it kept me cool and it was much better than the hot sun. I felt great for miles 1,2,& 3 (8:31, 8:12, 8:11). My 5k time was around 24:54 which was good in my book. Then I hit mile 4, this is the mile I hate! My split showed it too, it was my slowest at 8:42. When I went around the loop and could see all the runners still behind me I kicked my butt in gear. Seeing other people really pushes me. I cranked out mile 5 at 8:33* and mile 6 at 8:20. I’m very pleased with my results. I had a sorta, kinda goal of 48ย minutes, but since I had never raced a 10k before I wasn’t too upset with a 52:00 (on the dot!) time. ย Now I have a goal for the next one, to beat 52:00!

I ended up placing 222/1020, 16/146 in my division (25-29F) and 57/582 females.

My end of the run pic with Gapper (from my phone)

*for some odd reason my Runkeeper app stopped around mile 5, I edited the course online so my splits might be off by a second or two

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