Trail Run

On Sunday, my brother and I went to a 3.6 trail run race. This was the second year we ran the race. It had been rainy the past week so needless to say the trail was MUDDY!

It was super windy out but since we were surrounded by trees we didn’t feel it too much. It was fun sliding down the hills and splashing in the water. I thought I was going to have a slower time than last year but it turns out I did better! I finished at 35:24 , and came in 52/116 overall, & 8th female (yay top ten!!!). Even with all the mud I came in a minute under my time last year. Sweet!

Overall I was pleased with my first race of the year. I plan on doing a trail run again in June at a different park. I just hope it’s not as muddy! 🙂

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