Recycle-It Works!

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We have this:

The old carpet in our bedroom was AWFUL. It was insulted right before we bought the house (someone flipped it) and they used the cheapest stuff they sell. It was so flat and rough. I hated it! A had recieved over $200 in Lowe’s giftcards for different jobs and Christmas, so we knew it was time to get new bedroom carpet. {btw, it is not a cheap thing to do!}. We wanted something with a pattern and something that would be soft under our feet. I, being the “green” person I am, found this EverStrand by Mohawk carpet that is made from plastic bottles. I was so excited! We found the pattern and color we loved and set up the appointment to get it insulted.

The best part of the whole process? Ripping out the old stuff!

We would of kept the hardwoods if they were in better condition.

I love the new carpet. It makes me feel good to know that what I recycle is being used for something!

The same carpet is being used in the Country Living Home Green Home that was built in 2010.

This was defiantly one of my favorite purchases for the house. It’s amazing what a little carpet can do 🙂

2 thoughts on “Recycle-It Works!

  1. Oh I love it! I have never heard of this before- that is really cool! Leave it to you to find something like that! I am gonna live greenly through you! (Don’t judge 😉 )

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