>My Super Awesome Weekend


My weekend started out on a great note. Remember the two part test I took, part one in April 09 and part two this past August?? Well I receive an email Friday afternoon (I had Andy stalking my email since I didn’t have access) and I got word that I passed!! I am now a Nationally Certified Interpreter!! It was a longgg 7 week wait but it was worth it in the end. It feels great to have achieved this goal I wanted so badly! 
The rest of my weekend followed suit. Saturday night we went to my good friends Heather and Erick’s wedding reception. 
They had a destination wedding over the summer in the Dominican Republic. 
It’s hard to believe two years ago we took this same picture but I was the one in white! 
College friends. I love these two girls and am so thankful I can call them my friends. 
The next morning I ran a 5k with my other good friends, Cassie and Alisha. It was Cassie’s birthday and her first race! I was so happy to be apart of this race. See, Cassie is a care taker for a sweet girl with autism. I love running, but running for a reason makes it that much more special. I am already looking forward to the next race that we run together. 
Here is our before picture, and yes I wear the same pink shirt for my races. I mean I have to match head to toe =)
Getting ready at the starting line
running in! 
My best time yet! 
Alisha finishing! 
And Cassie too! 
Our after picture. I don’t think it looks too bad after running 3.1 miles!
I came in at 24:54. I was 2nd in my age group, 11th female, and 33rd overall. I’ll take it! I think I did so well because I had Andy there supporting me! Thank you Andy!
To finish the weekend off the Bengals won too! WHO DEY!

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