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So this weekend I was not only in one race but two! I know, what was I thinking right?! Saturday, I ran in the 1st Annual Meters for Mozart 5k. Being the first year for the race only a little over 100 runners were signed up. I thought this was a perfect first race for me. A friend of mine, Jessica, was running in it along with her friend, Kelly. While it was a chilly 40* it didn’t take us long to get warm. 
Kelly and I kept pace with each other. 
Right after the second mile I broke away from her and picked up my pace. (btw pics when you are running do not turn out that great ha!)
I could see the finish line and I sprinted in. I came in with a 25:15. My best time yet! I was so proud of myself. Kelly kept saying that I probably won my age division but I didn’t think so. We stuck around for the awards and it turns out I did win my age division (19-24, a baby I know). I was even more proud of myself-my first race and I actually won something! I came in 27th over all out of 103 (first place came in at 17:36!!)
I am looking forward to running more races with these girls
Then, this morning my brother and I did a 3.6 trail run. I’ve always heard how fun trail runs are so I thought why not try this one. We stayed together most of the way. I loved running in the woods, having to jump over fallen trees, and seeing the beautiful sites. We hit the last mile and we thought okay, we can do this.Uh no, it was straight up hill! It was killer! We both finished it and that was our goal. I am really proud of my brother, he hadn’t been running for the past 2 weeks! I came in at #79 (out of 141) with a time of 36:21. That number worked for me. I have never done a trail run so I really didn’t have a time goal but now I will 🙂 Oh, and my brother came in at #86 with a time of 37:04. I will post pictures as soon at they are uploaded. 

5 thoughts on “>Run Girl Run

  1. >Good for you guys! I'm proud! And was A there taking all the pictures? I put a bid in on a used polar f4. It's only at $20 right now so we'll see. If I get my butt in shape, I'd love to some races with you!

  2. >No he stayed home. My new friend Kelly had someone there taking pics and the race also had a prof photog there. I hope you get the F4. I'd love to run some races with you!!

  3. >Wow, you inspire me! I have a half marathon in May, and I am dreading it, more because of embarassment than anything else! But awesome job on the races 🙂

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