Sunshine weekend


I’m a little late on my weekend update. The weather here has been nothing but beautiful! We had such a great weekend.
It started out with me volunteering for Cinderella’s Closet. It is an organization that makes it possible for girls to go to prom looking beautiful who otherwise couldn’t. I was a “fairy godmother” (aka personal shopper). We had to make these girls feel like the princesses they are by holding their purses, carry around the dresses, help them get in them, get some shoes for them and put them on for them, as well as their jewelery. I had 2 very sweet girls. One of my girls thanked me over and over and said how she wished her mom would do stuff like this with her. That broke my heart, but that is exactly why I did this. I know I made a difference in her life-even if it was only for the hour we were together. I can not wait to do this again next year!
It was also my mom’s birthday. We took her out for dinner and drinks! I love my mama and I always try to make her birthday really special for her.
 I just had to show off me wearing my new boots! I love them oh so much!
Then on Sunday, A & I picked up some lunch at a local deli and went up to the park to enjoy our lunch and the weather. We sat right by the lake and were greeted by these two:
They were not afraid of us at all. They were so cute! It was so nice to just relax and take in all the fresh air.
Oh I also wanted to mention I won tickets off the radio yesterday to see a sneak peak of Jennifer Lopez’s new movie The Backup Plan. I get to see it next Monday! I can’t wait and I will come back with a report since it doesn’t come out till next Friday!
This week is the kick off of kickball! It is so fun to play every week and I can not wait! I will have to take pics this year too! I also am running in 2 races this weekend (my first two!!) I have a 5k Saturday and a 3.6 mile trail run Sunday morning (thankfully my brother is running with me so I’ll have someone pushing me!)
Hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week!

3 thoughts on “Sunshine weekend

  1. >two races in one weekend? you're nutso girl! 😉
    haha i tried to run tonight. i'm brutally out of shape, but i'm going to keep at it hopefully. you and i should run together this summer!

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