Hi..I’m still here!

I have not blogged in so long and really I have no excuse. I’m off in the summer and I’ve been busy with working out and going to the pool. Rough life I know! Summer has been great so far but it is slowly coming to an end. I found out my student next year is a football player so I will be at practices starts Aug 4. I am looking forward to the extra cash and am already of thinking of what to reward myself with =) (I’ve been thinking of  this)

Back in June we took a trip to fabulous Las Vegas. I loved it there! It was Andy’s second time and my first. He really enjoyed showing me all around town. I also have a friend that lives out there so it was awesome to see her and her cute little family! We are really feeling the itch to head back out to sin city.

I promise to keep up on my blogging!

One thought on “Hi..I’m still here!

  1. >I haven't kept up with my blog at all this summer either! I def. think you should reward yourself!!!! Enjoy the rest of the summer.

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