This week..

I had such a great past week. Wednesday I celebrated my 23rd birthday. Well actually I celebrated on Tuesday. We went out of town on my actual birthday, which I’ll get into in just a second. Anyway, we went to the new pizza place in town that just opened up called ChiNnati’s. Its Chicago style pizza (get the name?) and let me tell you it was delicious! I forgot the camera so I don’t have any pics from the night but it was fun. I got some wonderful gifts from my family and can’t wait to use them! (gift cards for a massage and to get my hair done!).

Ok, now on to why we went out of town. On February 8 my brother in law Cody left for the Marines and it was time for him to graduate! I never had anyone in my family join the military so I never had the experience of the family day and graduation. It was so cool to go down to Parris Island, SC and see everything. It was so nice to see Cody after 3 months, Andy and I are both so proud of him. After hearing what these boys go through I know it is something I would never be able to go through! This Sunday Andy’s parents are having a welcome home party for Cody (he will be here for 10 days).


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  1. >I just found your blog…I live in Cincinnati and was the Project Manger for part of the installation of ChiNnati’s. Glad you liked it!

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